In early 2020, Orca commenced redefining its focus and direction on Corporate Responsibility issues.

The first step involved engaging external expertise to assist with identifying an initial list of potentially material environmental, social and governance features (e.g. emissions, health and safety etc); and issues must be relevant to us, our business and our stakeholders.

We initially mapped these aspects at a sector and regional level against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) standard metrics and the GRI G4 Oil & Gas sector supplement; the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Oil & Gas sector report; the IFC’s Performance Standards; and recent research undertaken by IPIECA on sustainability mapping for the Oil & Gas sector. Results of our initial materiality screen are provided below.

Our next steps will include the further refining of this list through consultation with our employees, business partners and other key stakeholders, so that focus can be delivered in areas that matter and where value can be added.

The strategy that follows in 2020 will be based on a robust and transparent approach and will reaffirm our way of operating in a sustainable manner.

Orca’s Materiality Screen