On Songo Songo Island, Orca provides ongoing assistance to community schooling. 

Orca has carried out significant upgrades to the local elementary school facilities and has provided essential educational materials and equipment to ensure students benefit from effective learning resources. 

Orca has constructed several education facilities on Songo Songo Island, meeting the needs of students across the statutory educational range.  Orca’s work has included construction of a new kindergarten, providing early education for approximately 140 children per annum, aged between 4 to 7 years; construction of teachers’ housing to support the primary school, and the establishment of a new secondary school.

Support to the secondary school has included constructing and furnishing a girl’s dormitory, offering young adults the opportunity to attain qualifications close to home in a modern learning environment; funding the construction of a multi-purpose science laboratory; and recruiting a professional instructor for the learning centre to provide English language instruction, computer training and entrepreneurial skills to young adults living in the community.

For the past five years, Orca’s keystone education program has been the delivery of an intensive English language training programme for students entering secondary education. Traditionally in Tanzania, primary students learn in Kiswahili in primary education and English in secondary education. For some less exposed to daily use of English, the transition can be challenging.

Orca identified a gap in the curriculum that allowed the insertion of a 6 week program to bring students up to the requisite standard to enhance their future learning potential. The program, which has now been delivered to all t28 secondary schools in Kilwa District, utilised modern training techniques and Information Technology to provide the best possible learning experience.

In delivering the program, Orca has trained almost 200 local teachers and 12,500 students. The teacher training was seen to be every bit as important as training the students, ensuring the courses can now be provided by the schools themselves, every year to new students.

Orca has constructed numerous classrooms and supporting infrastructure in and around Kilwa District, working alongside district leaders to ensure the facilities are subsequently equipped and staffed. This  allows children in remote communities daily access to education in stable, clean conditions.