Since 2005, Orca has been developing and implementing health programmes that have supported communities on Songo Songo Island and in Kilwa District. 

In doing so, Orca has worked hand in hand with community and district leaders to identify and prioritise genuine and sustainable health support projects in locations where the maximum community benefit will be felt. 

In support of Kilwa District’s effort to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health, Orca funded the construction of the Maternity Waiting Home at Kilwa District Hospital, and the rehabilitation of post-natal and labour wards at Kilwa Masoko Health Centre.

Maternity waiting home
Maternity waiting home

Additionally, Orca has funded the completion of a community dispensary, which includes the construction of an out-patient department, a mother and child health ward, and a maternity wing.  The dispensary has had a significant positive effect on the local community, providing easily accessible medical support to locals and also to pregnant mothers and children in the region who currently had to walk long distances to access medical help.

To ensure the facilities remain fully staffed and equipped, Orca funded the construction of medical staff houses, enabling the provision of 24-hour services to over 8,000 community members.

Nangurukuru staff housing
Nangurukuru dispensary