In the 5 years to 2018, the worldwide CNG market has grown by 30% and is expected to grow at 12% per annum to 2026, reflecting a growing concern for the environment.

In Africa, and particularly in countries such as Tanzania with its vast natural gas reserves, rapidly increasing population and wider access to private transport, the growth rate is expected to be even higher. Orca initiated a CNG pilot program in 2009 to supply gas to consumers that cannot be cost-effectively connected to Orca’s existing low-pressure gas distribution system. Orca supplies CNG from a “Mother Station” at Ubungo in Dar es Salaam as an alternative to diesel and gasoline to fuel converted vehicles, to a major industry situated outside the existing reach of the downstream pipeline, and to a local hotel for heating and cooking.

Orca intends to undertake an expansion of its CNG operations, not only to drive greener energy solutions in the increasingly populous city, but to ensure a wider section of society can benefit from the cleaner and lower cost alternative fuel. Growth forecasts for CNG use in the country are positive and are likely to accelerate as more filling stations are established, simpler and more affordable vehicle retrofitting options are offered.