Supporting the economic and industrial growth of Tanzania through the development of the Songo Songo gas field


Celebrating 20 Years of Production

“The Company’s commitment to supporting Tanzania with the provision of power, but also by making a positive impact to the economic and social fabric of the country, remains at the heart of our core ethos.” Jay Lyons, Chief Executive Officer

What we do

Orca operates the Songo Songo gas field offshore Tanzania, as well as the Songas gas processing plant and associated downstream distribution network in Dar es Salaam.  The Company is focused on enhancing production from the asset to ensure that reliable and affordable gas is delivered to support the country’s ever increasing power requirements and industrial development, underpinning economic growth.


Orca aims to have a positive impact on its country of operations, its people and the population whom we operate alongside, while reliably supplying natural gas to support Tanzania’s power and industrial growth in a bid to help the nation transition towards a lower carbon economy.

Our aim is to create long-term sustainable and accretive value for our investors, partners, communities, and employees while minimizing our impact on the environment and operating in the most carbon efficient manner possible.

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