What we do

Orca is the operator of the Songo Songo gas field offshore Tanzania

Orca produces natural gas from the Songo Songo gas field, offshore Tanzania, and delivers this important transitional fuel into the country’s domestic energy market. The Company plays an important role in Tanzania’s energy framework and aims to generate value for all its stakeholders, including the local communities in and around its operations.

How we do it

Orca supplies a significant percentage of Tanzania’s total power generation

Production in 2022 up 42% year-on-year

A highly localized workforce in-country – 99% are Tanzanian

Delivering on our strategy to balance growth potential in Songo Songo with shareholder returns

Actively investing to further develop the field

Orca continues to successfully develop the Songo Songo gas field, enabling critical gas resources to be supplied to Tanzania, and generating significant value for all those involved in the project.

A core focus for the Company is increasing production from the Songo Songo gas field. Orca has an active work program to sustain current gas supplies while evaluating potential future development and investment.