About Orca Energy Group

Songo Songo gas to electricity project

Orca, through its subsidiary PanAfrican Energy Tanzania Ltd, is the operator of the Songo Songo gas field. Orca is a key partner to the Songo Songo Gas to Electricity Project, fulfilling a vital role in enabling and sustaining Tanzania’s power and industrial growth.

The Songo Songo gas to electricity project was the first of its kind in Tanzania and wider East Africa. Conceived by the Government of Tanzania, following thorough economic evaluation and extensive contract negotiations, spanning a decade. PanAfrican Energy signed a Production Sharing Agreement with the Government of Tanzania in 2001 and immediately embarked on an intensive period of construction that saw first gas delivered to Dar es Salaam in 2004.

By July 2004 the Ubungo Power Plant was connected to the gas pipeline and for the first time, power was generated in Tanzania using a gas fired turbine generator.

Downstream supply

Gas to power was only part of the potential the Government and PanAfrican Energy saw in the Songo Songo project, and very soon the Company began to develop a robust and diverse downstream market supplying gas to major industries throughout the Dar es Salaam area.

Growth was consistent as more companies recognized not only the economic value that natural gas delivered compared to imported heavy fuels or coal, but also its reliability delivered via the Company’s low pressure ring main, its reduced environmental impact, and importantly the improved heating and consistency obtained from the fuel that leads to better quality products.

Compressed Natural Gas

Seeking to diversify its customer base while also looking to ensure Tanzanians were able to access direct benefit from their natural resources. In 2009 Orca commenced a compressed natural gas pilot project to supply gas to converted vehicles, as well as off network business that wanted gas for heating or cooking.

Operational excellence

As demand for gas continues to increase, the Company is actively evaluating options to increase and sustain supply to support the nation.

Today, the Company supplies a significant proportion of gas that fires Tanzania’s total power generation ensuring clean, reliable and affordable generation from the Country’s own natural resources. The Company also supplies gas to more than fifty customers that produce a broad range of consumer goods in addition to other sectors.



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