Our vision, values & strategy

Our purpose

We supply natural gas to support Tanzania’s power and industrial growth, in its transition towards a lower carbon economy.

This guides everything we do and as such our main goal is to create long-term sustainable and accretive value for our investors, partners, communities and employees. We believe it is our responsibility to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and maximize our positive contribution to all our stakeholders and the local communities that we serve.

Orca is focused on achieving strategic priorities

Orca’s strategy is to generate long-term sustainable value for stakeholders by delivering operational excellence and further developing the Songo Songo license area to realise the full potential of the asset.

  • Developing

    Supporting Tanzania’s economic and industrial development.

  • Operating

    Achieving operational excellence and empowering the Company’s local workforce.

  • Growing

    Maintaining a strong liquidity position and balancing growth opportunities at Songo Songo with capital returns for investors.

  • Supporting

    Ensuring that production and the further development of Songo Songo benefits all stakeholders.

Our culture and values

  • Responsibility

    We have an opportunity to play a pivotal role in Tanzania’s development and achievement of its sustainability goals. We aspire to support the Government of Tanzania in delivering better conditions for future generations to inherit.

  • Authenticity

    We strive to be genuine and transparent about our ambitions, We are open and honest about our decisions and plans, communicating clearly, honestly and on time.

  • Ethics

    Strong business ethics are a key priority and are embedded throughout all facets of the organization.