Processed gas is transported to Dar es Salaam via two transportation pipelines: the Songas 16 inch line, and the NNGI 36 inch line. Like the two processing plants, the two transportation pipelines establish considerable resilience in Orca’s ability to get gas to its final destinations.

Through a combination of line packing and simple engineering we are able to ensure that the majority of the gas is able to get to our customers during any short shut-down periods.

Once arriving in Dar es Salaam, the gas transported through the Songas line is delivered at high pressure to five of Tanzania’s eight main gas fired power stations, while the gas supplied through the NNGI infrastructure is believed to be used in firing the remaining three stations. Orca estimates that in total, Songo Songo gas fires an average of 450MW of power generation daily.

Distribution network

The balance of the gas produced and not used in power generation sustains more than 50 industrial contracts in the Dar es Salaam area. The high pressure gas arriving in Dar es Salaam is reduced via two pressure reducing stations before entering a 50 km low pressure ring main that transports the gas to the industries.

Our local downstream team work to ensure the distribution network and customer gas reception and metering facilities are maintained safely and systems are recording accurately.

Diverse customer base

Orca enjoys a very diverse customer base that ensures industrial downturns do not affect gas sales significantly. More importantly, however, the diverse base means that every day, Tanzanians gain direct and tangible benefit from their national natural resources and the consumer goods produced from it. From cooking oils to flour, from tin roofing to crockery, and from beer to the bottles that contain it, Songo Songo gas is used by Tanzanian industries to produce more affordable, higher quality goods.

Also, as the gas supplier to the leading cement producer in Tanzania, Songo Songo gas has had a part to play in the vast majority of new infrastructure in Tanzania, including new roads, bridges and the emergent Julius Nyerere Hydro Dam. The effects of gas production from first Songo Songo gas plant over the past 18 years can be seen widely.